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SONIQ Client Testimonials

(The company names of our clients have been purposely omitted. We welcome your call and will gladly provide you contact numbers.)


“I have always had problems with other carriers, but SONIQ always comes to my rescue. They always deliver on time, which is why I continue to use them for my shipping needs.”

Rhonda Vogel
Logistics Coordinator / Customer Service
Seattle, WA


“SONIQ has been our local carrier for dedicated parcel and LTL freight in the Pacific Northwest for the past nine years. We needed to replace a carrier we were using in the Pacific Northwest and interviewed a number of carriers to deliver our shipments. We have many customers who require HIGH TOUCH deliveries with requirements of a carrier who can perform a high degree of service. SONIQ has proven to be that carrier for us in the Pacific Northwest. They deliver on time, and have been able to meet, in many cases, exceed the requirements of our customers. They are very proactive with us as well as our customers and often have resolved issues before I need to be involved. They have the technology we require to provide important delivery information to us and our clients. SONIQ’s management and operations team are very professional and we have developed a great business relationship with them. I would highly recommend SONIQ for any transportation and delivery needs in the PNW.”

Tom Ciolino
Western Region Transportation Manager
Brisbane, CA


“SONIQ has provided excellent service for our customer's in the Seattle market, as well as our associates who interact with SONIQ daily. SONIQ is dependable, flexible, pro active and want to make things right. They meet all the carrier selection criteria we demand. Our sales could not do the job without the partnership of SONIQ and the service they provide daily. ‘Providing Uncompromising Service.’”

John Wilson
Service Center Manager
Portland, Seattle, Boise
Tualatin, OR


"Soniq is very quick to respond, has very fast and reliable service with technology that supports automated email notifications with PODs and top notch customer service. What more could anyone ask for?"

Sarah Cahan
Bellevue, WA

"Soniq is the epitome of customer service and a model for the future of logistics. Having worked with Soniq everyday over the past two years, I can confidently say I have never been anything but overwhelmed with their customer service, consistency, quality of work and overall great attitude and kindness. Their customer service associates have always risen above any preconceived industry standard of service with unparalleled deportment. While any issue are few and far between, any concern we may raise is always immediately and amicably resolved with follow-up and a prevention plan for the future."

Casey Crane
Facilities Manager
Seattle, WA

"Next day, same day, emergency, SONIQ has us covered. I used to spend a good amount of time trying to find a carrier that could make our deliveries to our customers with a competitive rate, in a timely fashion and supply great customer service. Now I only make one call…SONIQ. They not only do what they say, but they make us feel like they really appreciate our business by showing up on time and making the delivery by the time designated. All done with a smile and telling us how much they appreciate our business. Most carriers expect our business, but very few earn it! SONIQ has been spot on for our delivery needs and they will continue to be the first call I make, especially when it’s HOT!"

Gene Smith
Warehouse Lead/Dispatcher
Portland, OR

"Soniq Transportation has proven to be a leader in the transportation industry. Their customer service and dispatch are top- notch!!! Fast-Efficient-Always friendly and informative. Their drivers are quick to respond to our needs, always get the job done and always on time. There really are no other carriers in this area that can compete with the excellent service from Soniq. Overall Soniq Transportation and Warehouse is professional, competitive, and reliable!"

Andrea Barrow
Logistics & Carrier Procurement
Auburn, WA

"In the fixture industry, our customers very often have "their hair on fire"due to new store openings and last minute requests. Soniq handles those situations for us quite frequently as well as full truckloads of, for example, fragile showcase deliveries. So, as far as we are concerned, whether they are small, time critical orders, or on large shipments, Soniq takes care of us on all of our local delivery needs. Soniq are a vital part of our business! I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Terry Anderson
Sales Coordinator
Seattle, WA

"Like most smart businesses, we know that one of the keys to success is who we partner with. Soniq is one such company – these people rock! On both a business and an individual level, they give service over and above what would normally be expected and what’s more, when necessary their leadership steps in personally and makes sure that any issues (caused by them or not) are corrected quickly. This is one of the few companies that I have worked with that exemplifies their value statement – Dedicated to providing each client with exceptional service every time – because that’s exactly what they do."

Rebecca Capell
Project Manager
Poulsbo, WA

"Soniq transportation has made my life much easier as a logistics manger, I no longer have to worry about my daily transportation needs. The transition to Soniq was seamless and they have continued to exceed all my expectations."

Paul Andersen
Logistics Manager
Portland, OR


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